F-Secure SSH Client

F-Secure SSH Client 5.4

F-Secure SSH client is a full featured SSH client with SFTP support

F-Secure SSH client is one of the famous programs used to control a remote Linux machine running SSH ( Secure Shell ) server using a windows machine.
-The program supports multiple profiles of users as well as changing the layout color , fonts and style.

-One of the most interesting features of this client which makes it better than the most popular SSH client PUTTY is that the support for File Transfer over the SFTP ( Secure File Transfer Protocol ) which enables the system administrator to download / upload files to/from the remote Linux server without the need for installing any additional program on his computer neither the remote linux server.

- The other most wonderful feature is the security of this software , as it supports connecting to the remote machine from behind a firewall such as socks4/5 , proxies and it also supports local/remote tunneling. Not only this but it also supports private keys authentication methods that replaces the old fashioned regular password authentication system and is very secure to it.

- The program is very flexible thanks to the keyboard shortcuts feature.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Ability to open more than one session of the same established connection easily without re-entering the password
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Encrypted connections with 128 bit encryption system
  • Private keys support
  • Multiple profiles support
  • Bookmarking of remote paths


  • No ability to save passwords of the remote machines
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